How it Works

The Kugona Sound to Sleep System™

The Kugona  Sound to Sleep System™ combines the science of well established relaxation techniques with advanced tactile sensory output to produce a calming sleep environment.  An environment that completely supports the body while totally relaxing the mind.

State of the art, custom built resonators are built in to high-quality, bed foundations with solid wood construction to produce sensory vibrations that help the neurological system rest.  

The simple control unit allows for easy volume and tactile controls and will works with any audio device.

Full product refund if not fully satisfied 


Foundations Mattresses



High quality, hand built, all wood construction.  Built in resonators provide calming sensory experience through your current mattress.  (Note:  This foundation will not work with memory foam beds)


All locally hand built matresses host built in high-quality resonators to provide a calming, tactile sleep environment.  Recommended for bunk beds or other beds without a foundation. 


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