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I just wanted to tell you how overjoyed I am with music bed. As you know, my son Gene has Asperger's and has not been able to fall asleep or stay asleep on his own for years. This has disrupted our home beyond imagination. After you sent us the music bed, Gene selected his own music and was able to lay in bed and stay in bed while falling asleep. After a while of using his iPod, he would eventually turn off the bed prior to falling asleep. I was extremely happy because he was not getting up and trying to keep me awake and it preoccupied him till he was ready to fall asleep.  I got my first night of free time in eleven years. 

Now I have downloaded the music that came with the bed and- WOW- now he falls asleep while listening to the music and stays in bed the entire night. I no longer have to go into his room at all nor does he get up to wake others up. He actually falls asleep at a normal hour and stays asleep.  This is truly a miracle. I am no longer going to call it the music bed, rather the miracle bed.

If there is anything I can do to get the word out in the Autism community please let me know. Sleep deprivation is a huge issue in the Autism community. My son requires very little sleep, yet has always kept me and other family members awake, because he did not want to be the only one awake. This is a common scene with a household with a child on the spectrum- the parents are sleep deprived because of the child, yet the child is not sleep deprived because they just don't need much sleep. This bed has made it so that for the first time we ALL are getting sleep.

Julie F.


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