Product Testimonials | Sharon E

First off I want to point out that my ASD son does not have sleep issues. His issues are more in the sensory and anxiety areas. 

My son tried your system after a hard day at school. I can only imagine the sensory overload he experiences every day at school. After 2 minutes he was totally relaxed. It was as if he had found his center.  I see your system as a way for him to get a sensory break and slow down his body. 

After he had his break I asked him to rate his experience from 1 to 10.  He is honest to a fault and will rate things to decimals to get his point across. He is a hard and honest rater. He instantly gave it at 10 . which really surprised me. There has only been one 10 in his life before -  chocolate! Disney World only got an 8.3. So a 10 is huge. 

Clearly the system relaxed him and helped center him in a very positive way.  He loved it. 

Being a parent of a child with Autism is very stressful on the entire family. Maybe mom should try the system to relax herself.

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